The Future: Filled With Talent

YPN mentor and student

What will you share with the next generation of innovative St. Louisans?
By Victor1558, via Creative Commons

Members of the Regional Business Council’s Young Professionals Network continually look for ways to improve the region not only for today, but also for the future — and what represents the future more than talented, eager college students? Long after we’ve retired, these students will be the ones to lift St. Louis to a new level of innovation during the years to come.

But how can we best guide our students to lives of creativity, business sense and civic mindedness? One way is to mentor them, serving as role models for their professional or personal lives.

Many of us have benefitted from the wisdom and care that a mentor provides. Perhaps it was a professor who encouraged our hidden gifts, a business director who nudged us into leadership roles or a confident friend who coached us through poise and style. Regardless of the niche, someone kindly took the time to answer our questions and model the qualities that would enable our successes.

And now it’s our turn. January is National Mentoring Month — the perfect opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life, just as someone did for us. There are many ways to become a mentor in St. Louis, including the RBC’s own Higher Education Collaboration Mentor Network as well as regional outlets. It’s a great way to share our experience and passion with students who are just as ambitious and talented as someone knew we were all those years ago.

How did a mentor enhance your own life or business path? Email your stories to, and we’ll share a few in future blog posts. Let’s nourish St. Louis’ young talent together.



The Secret to Our Success: You

Real difference has become rare in business

By Betsy Weber, via Creative Commons

Everyone likes a good success story, and we at the Regional Business Council are no exception. We had an impressive 2012, but our successes really belong to the community of outstanding companies, organizations, educational institutions and resources that are found throughout the St. Louis area. Because of your leadership and investment, our bi-state region continues to be noticed as a great place to thrive.

The RBC’s mission is “to unite and engage members to act on high-impact business, civic and philanthropic initiatives for the betterment of the St. Louis region.” We’re excited to say that 2012 was a banner year for doing just that. Here are just a few of the projects the RBC and our Young Professionals Network were proud contribute to: Continue reading

New Year, New Content!

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It seems like everyone makes resolutions in January for the year ahead, and the Young Professionals Network is no exception. But our resolutions focus more on how we can better share your stories instead of how many times we’ll hit the gym.

One way we plan to communicate better is with the relaunch of our blog content. We’re planning a bevy of content that focuses on your business and civic contributions through member profiles, tips, education initiatives and more. Beginning Tuesday, look for weekly posts right here at!

We’ll also be beefing up our activity on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through these valuable social networks, you’ll get the scoop on our blog activity, events, involvement opportunities — and maybe even what regional leader Kathy’s eating lunch with!

To stay in touch, be sure to follow us here:

We can’t wait to use these avenues to chat about what’s important to you — and to St. Louis. Bring on Tuesday!