10 Pieces of Advice for Graduates — and for Everybody

Tony Thompson, RBC

Tony Thompson receives honors after addressing Maryville University’s graduating class.

Regional Business Council leaders find wisdom in so many of their experiences. RBC member Tony Thompson, president and CEO of Kwame Building Group, recently shared some things he’s learned over the years with the graduates of Maryville University at their commencement exercises.

Tony tailored his remarks to the grads, but we think his advice applies to plenty of other life situations, too. Below, read Tony’s top ten pieces of advice.

  • Never let the fear of difficulty prevent action.
  • No credit is better than bad credit and no deal is better than a bad deal.
  • Don’t accumulate too many enemies at one time.
  • Never borrow more than you need. Starting out, all you can’t get from your parents you probably don’t need.
  • In your professional work world, no one cares what you think or how you feel but your mother. Be decisive.
  • Thieves look for theft.
  • Buy what you want, once you have what you need.
  • Not only learn to read, but read between the lines.
  • You deserve what you settle for.
  • Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

What advice would you give to graduates or colleagues?

Learn more about Tony on Maryville University’s commencement speaker page or at kwamebuildinggroup.com. Congratulations to all area graduates!


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